Faith-Based Organization

Our Mission

Is to Inspire and Empower Families youth and individuals affected by Poverty to provide family unity, guidance, and economic education in order for them to become viable citizens in their community.

We Assist Indigent Families and Individuals

If you need charitable assistance, turn to a trusted non-profit organization like Touching Moments in Huber Heights, OH. Since 2009, we have been helping underprivileged families and individuals reach their full potential. We assist offenders and ex-offenders in becoming productive members of society. We provide motivational seminars, mentorship, and bi-monthly programs and activities for all ages. We offer assistance for housing referrals and homeless prevention. Our various programs support the community in the long run.

Holding Hands

We Provide:

  • Disaster Relief
  • Food Assistance
  • Furniture Assistance

  • Rent Assistance

  • School Clothing and Supplies

  • Security Deposits

  • Transportation Allowance

  • Utility Assistance

Help Us Inspire More People

We provide guidance and educate people to help them become responsible citizens in their respective communities. We empower the youth, individuals, and families affected by poverty. For more information on how to give donations, grants, gifts, bequests, and other resources, feel free to call Touching Moments at (937) 951-2014 or visit us at Huber Heights, OH. We look forward to hearing from you.